About KPPS

Kapiolani Park Preservation Society

Mission: Remain FREE and open to the public ~ Since 1980

KPPS is a 501(c)(3) devoted to informing the public of the unique public charitable trust of the Park and to its mission of keeping Kapiolani Park free and open to the public.

The trust dates to 1896, and was essentially lost to the public until KPPS formed in 1986 to prevent park land being taken for a Burger King and a construction equipment yard.

KPPS prevailed in courthttp://www.taylorleongcheelaw.com/docs/TLC-cases-KPPS-DOC062510-002.pdf and was able to revive the trust. The trust is now overseen by the Attorney General\\\'s office, as by law that office is parens patriae to public charitable trusts.

KPPS is a watchdog group and sometime litigant to protect the park. Our most recent case was another Hawaii Supreme Court victory: http://caselaw.findlaw.com/hi-supreme-court/1386340.html